Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Adorable or vomit blood*?

Axel has a cushion in the living room specifically for him to rest and play with when he is out from him playpen. Initially he used it for peeing. I had to slap his behind a few times before he finally got the message.

He now takes it as his landing ground when he is doing his "flight" routine at my living room. I used the word "flight" because when he is running, you see and feel as if all his legs are up on the air. Oh..and often times he land on my lap too!

I bought him a harness yesterday. He was pretty cool when I put it on him. Only when he started to run that he noticed this additional "accessory". So he was running and trying to reach the side of the harness at the same time. Looked pretty comical to me.

I attached the leash to his harness and tried to train him to walk along with me. With the magical power of treats in my hand, we managed to walk along well..although it's only for a short period of time. There were of course a few glitches here and there; such as he went on strike and lied flat on the floor refusing to budge. Nothing that the treats couldn't fix though!

Nowadays when I reached home, he would whine for me to let him out. I would usually play cool and ignore him for a while. Well... that would be after I have cleaned up his mess la. When he got calmer, I would let him out. I couldn't help but to feel like a mean daddy when dealing with Axel cos I seemed to shout at him a lot. Whenever I did that, he would go flat on the floor... and looked up to me with his puppy eyes. When I turned my back, off he went with the same mischief again. Adorable or vomit blood*??

(*vomit blood - an expression to denote frustration)

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