Wednesday, January 18, 2006

9 weeks old

Axel was born on the 11th Nov 2005. 11th Nov actually coincides with my best friends at Uni, Manida & Florence's birthdays. It is also the birthday of USM PPB (Persatuan Pelajar Buddhist). The name that was given to him by the breeder was "Chrysler" which is quite cool also.... but hehe, I still prefer Axel. As of today, Axel is about 9 weeks old. He has been staying with me for more than 2 weeks now.

He is getting used to the fact that he will be left alone from morning till evening; and I am getting used to getting back and be presented with his mess to clean up. He is paper trained's the shredding and dragging the newspapers around that are causing the mess.

A pic of his cage + playpen is as below. They are placed in my kitchen taking almost half of the space. I got this inspiration from a Singaporean site on rearing dogs in Singapore. The information there is very useful for apartment living dog owners. I am planning to let him have the custody of the whole kitchen later on by taking out the play pen. Well... shall see how well can he behave before doing that.

So far, he is able to understand the "Sit" and "Down" command. He usually will obey these commands when he wants to get out of the play pen or when he is hungry. I will let him out to the living room every morning before I feed him and whenever I am home in the evening. He is always so eager to make use of his "stored up whole day" energy. Most time, he is clever enough to run back to his play pen to pee and poo; but other times he tend to just forget and do them on my marble floor. On catching him in this act, I would of course chased him back to his play pen... although the success rate of that is not always high.

Axel will be getting his 2nd vaccination jab this Saturday. Am planning to send him to the breeder for grooming first before we go to the vet. I do send his pictures to the breeder now and then. The breeder actually mentioned to me that if ever I changed my mind about keeping him, she is more than willing to take him back...with full refund. That actually convince me that she is really a pug lover, not someone who is just out to get some extra bucks.

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Anonymous said...

Hello! I cannot believe Axel has a blog of his own! So tech-canggih one! Coco and I would look forword to more chronicles of axel, the x-gen k-9 from the future saving the world from the evil destruction by Coco and her partner-in-crime, the Pinochio! Hehehe... Come to think of it, Axel can sure pass as an unshaven policeman with brown uniform! Muahahahaha..... It's nice to have a blog to keep us posted on you n axel. Keep it up! Think I want to blog coco too. See what you do to me.... hehehehe.... the kiasuest of all as usual.