Sunday, February 05, 2006

Happy Dog Year!

According to the chinese, this year is the year of the dog. I heard that's the reason why many people start rearing dogs. Dogs are supposed to bring luck and prosperity this year. For me, this wasn't at all the reason I got Axel.

Anyway I brought Axel back to my hometown for the Chinese New Year celebration. My nieces and nephew were back as well, and they were so excited with him. This of course means that at any possibility, they would try to play with Axel. When I finally came back to KL again with Axel, I noticed that most of the previous trainings I gave him went down the drain. Axel seemed to forget about so many things and one thing that really irritates me is his newspaper eating habit.

I bought this anti-chewing spray which was a total let down. Axel was not at all affected by it, no matter how much I sprayed. It smelled a lot like mosquito repellent though...I actually wondered whether they could be the same thing.

Now that I bought him a pee tray, he seemed to shift his taste from newspaper to the side of the tray instead. No matter how much I shouted and used the rolled up newspaper, he would go back and start chewing on that again after I turned my back. It was so frustrating! However everytime I feel that, I will remind myself of what my friend, Chris said. "Don't give up!". Chris has a shih-tzu named Coco. Coco is a very well behaved dog... and I wonder when Axel can be the same....

So in this year of the dog, will I be able to "conquer" my dog... or will my dog drive me up the wall (or off my balcony) instead?

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Anonymous said...

OMG, I so want your dog!!

He is so cute!