Monday, January 23, 2006

Nice & Clean

Brought Axel to the pet supplies shop in SS2(the breeders from whom we got Axel work there) for grooming last Sat. That was the 2nd time Axel went for a car ride. The first time was when we got him 3 weeks ago. He was a little confused and excited at the same time. He pee'ed and poo'ed inside his bag and I had to use a towel to cover them so that he won't step all over them.

Reached the pet supplies shop at around 11am and there were so many dogs waiting in line to be groomed. The breeders were so glad to see Axel and told us again how they did not mind to buy Axel back. Apparently Axel has this continuous fold on top of his nose which makes him rare. I told the breeders that it is too late for that. Bonding has already happened.

Had to wait for almost an hour or so before it was Axel's turn to be groomed. Met this nice lady who has a show Shih-Tzu there for grooming. She shared some of her dog keeping as well as dog showing experiences with us.

Axel was very scared and docile all the time in the shop. He basically was clinging to us. The lady said that we need to get him to socialise with other dogs so that he is less timid. She suggested that a dog's obedience class is a way to go. She attended the one at Pet Safari in Ikano Power Center and said that her Shih Tzu and her actually learned a lot of things from there.

We waited for an hour or so before it's Axel's turn. There was this poodle who was waiting for the owner to come; and she (or he??) was so craving for attention. Kept whining and barking at us to get our attention. I told her (or him??) to sit and she (or him??) actually sat and wagged her tail. I can't help but to see a poodle and think of it as a "she".

Axel got his nail clipped, his ears cleaned, his whiskers trimmed and a bath. He was very much submissive throughout the grooming session, something that we don't see at home.

After the grooming, we took him to the vet in Puchong and got him checked and vaccinated. I guess Axel was really dazed by all the happenings in a day. Dr. Agas (the vet) explained about the vaccination options that Axel could have. We went for the 9 in 1 vaccination which is RM10 more than the standard option.

Got Axel back and he came down with a mild fever. However he was acting as normal (i.e. the angelic devil characteristics) and eating fine. Dr. Agas has already told us the possibility of fever or sleeping the whole day after vaccination, so we were not overly concerned by that.

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