Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The very beginning

I have been wanting to keep a dog for a very long time but as I was renting previously, it was not possible at all for me. Then when I finally moved to my own place, an apartment, I was a bit reluctant knowing that "by law", dogs should not be kept in apartments/condos.

Anyway I was very much in control in this sense...started to keep hamsters as a substitute until my "evil" friend Nancy got her silky terrier puppy named Dino and introduced me to him. At that juncture, it just got too tough for me to control myself anymore. So I started to read more about different breeds and their temperaments; and also surveyed around on how many apartment dwellers who actually rear dogs. I found out that there were quite a number of people living in my apartment block who have dogs as pets; as I could hear them (the dogs...not the owners!) barking or whining at times. I was told that as long as your neighbours do not complain, the management will usually close one eye.

On reading up on the different breed of dogs, I came across the pug. Aside from them being oh so cute, I started to like them a lot for the following reasons (from websites):

1) non barkers
2) doesn't grow too big
3) doesn't need extensive exercise
4) of course other important characteristics such as friendly, intelligent, bla, bla, bla...

As an apartment dweller, I guess the 1st 3 factors above are really important for me. So off I went searching for places to get pugs. Initially I thought of getting one from the pet shop but during that time, no pugs were available. Tried calling some newspaper advertisements and found that they are mostly dog brokers instead of breeders. So I really had no idea where to get one.

Then one day (Christmas eve 2005 to be exact), I went to this shop selling pet supplies in SS2. I walked in and could not find any puppies on display. So I asked a girl there on whether they sell puppies. She told me that the shop does not sell puppies but they have contact to some breeders. She then asked me which breed I was interested in. I told her "pug" and I could see her eyes lightened up immediately. She informed me that she has some pug puppies for sale, and that she is a home breeder, not a commercial breeder. She seemed to know a lot about pugs which put me at ease. So I made an appointment for her to bring the puppies over to the shop the next day.

The next day (Christmas day), I saw the puppies (2 males, 2 females) and immediately knew Axel(he wasn't named that yet) was the one for me. He was so playful but at the same time, not the dominant one. So I made my booking and the breeder said I can only collect it a week later as he was too young. The breeder really struck me as someone very nice and loving towards her dogs, and I knew she could be counted on for advices even after I have gotten Axel. Following are the pictures of Axel when I first laid my eyes on him.

So a week later (a day before New Year eve), I collected Axel and we started our lives together. I tell you, I was so terribly worried that his whines would wake up the neighbors. It was very much an adjusting time for me; as much as for him. I guess slowly he settled down; and I settled down too...

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Anonymous said...

no wonder u fell for him immediately!!! he's so adorable