Monday, April 03, 2006

Even the pug can do it

Yesterday was Axel's 4th Puppy Obedience class. "We" have learned how to heel, sit, stand, turnaround, turn right and turn left so far. I used "We" because I too, have to learn how to give the right instructions in order for Axel to understand.

Axel has not been doing well in class. The instructor commented that he has never seen such a hyper pug before ... as Axel couldn't sit still at all. He was either jumping up and down my legs or tugging the leash by his teeth. At one point when he actually followed the instruction, Arthur (I finally got his name right) the instructor said "see... even the pug can do it". That didn't sound flattering at all! My "son" is a dunce!!

Arthur kept saying that we should bring our dogs out more often. Apparently there are a few of Axel's classmates who were confined at home as well. The thing is.... how many parks out there allow us to bring our dogs for a walk? Worse still...I have to practically smuggle Axel in and out of my apartment. How I wish the new rule of permitting dogs to be kept in apartments will be approved soon.

At home, Axel is doing okay. It could be due to less distraction. Or it could be due to me having the rolled-up newspaper within my reach.


Anonymous said...

Alex, don't take excuse. You have a nice and cool park right in front of your condo.
- Derek

tasy said...

Next we know is alex obeying axel's directions instead..

Fishman said...

That's the thing. The park in front of my apartment (not condo) has a big sign "No pets allowed. Denda bla bla bla".

Anonymous said...

Haha.. no pets allowed in the park. But you may still take him around the park. Get me? Just walk around the park... Cheers.