Thursday, April 20, 2006

Plastic Kennel

Bought Axel a plastic kennel yesterday. The kennel was a bargain buy. Retail price was RM202 but this pet store in Taman Megah was having a sale. So the price was reduced to RM138 and along with my membership accumulated points, I got it for only RM117!

I tried fitting the kennel and the metal cage(which Axel treats as his toilet) in my kitchen using the playpen as fencing. After a few re-arrangements, I finally managed to fit them in. Axel was crazy for the kennel...but for the wrong reasons. He saw it as his big chew toy. So he was chewing at the opening, the roof and anywhere else which he could clam his jaw on. As the kennel was heavy but not heavy enough, Axel was pushing it here and there, sometimes blocking the entrance of the metal cage. Not being able to get into his toilet would gave him the reason to do his "business" outside.. and being a reasonable "daddy", how could I punish him for that, right? Axel wouldn't even sleep in the kennel, preferring to doze off on the kitchen tiles instead.

So finally I gave up. I moved the kennel to my living room, and left a big area in the playpen for the metal cage. At least now Axel has a big area to move about and he can continue to sleep on the kitchen tiles. I used to just lock him up in the metal cage where he slept, pee'ed and poo'ed. I slowly developed this conscience that he might not be comfortable sleeping on the metal gaps; and the fact that he started to get smelly a day after his bath all the time.

The kennel now serves as his playing area instead of sleeping area. Looking at the bright side, I now have a large place to store his toys.

Kennel = RM117
Extra playpen = RM42
Reason to procrastinate from my studies* = priceless

*Note: I am actually taking leave from work to study for my exams.

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Kara said...

I just love the pictures of Axel!
When my Kritter was a puppy he also went to puppy class. We didn't have much success! He mostly distracted everyone else. Good luck studying!