Sunday, March 12, 2006

First Day At School

Axel was enrolled to the's "Puppy Obedience training" and this morning was his first day at "school". As Axel had no prior direct contact with any dogs before this since I got him, I was expecting him to pull a "spiderman act"(four legs spread out flat on the ground and refusing to budge) when I put him down. I had a pleasant surprise finding out the total opposite. He was so excited to get to know new friends. He actually sniffed some large dogs like a labrador and a beagle so persistently that he freaked them out!

Axel joined the 10.30am session together with 1 silky terrier, 2 labradors, 1 beagle, 3 schnauzers and 1 I dunno what breed. I think I might have missed 1 or 2 more dogs. The session started off with the instructor introducing himself. Hmm..I can't remember his name now as I was concentrating on pulling out grass and leaves from Axel's mouth during that time! The instructor has a beautiful and excellently trained schnauzer for demonstrations.

The first lesson was to hold the leash in a correct and cooler way. Then it was to get the dogs to sit and walk with us on our left. Axel was really running forward trying to go after the butt of the dog in front of him.

It was really exciting...well I admit to me as well. I am so glad that Axel was not the last in his class. Some dogs just refused to move and the owners had to resort to playing tug of war with the dog or carrying the dog and walking the rounds with us!

Really proud of Axel when the instructor said "The pug did well".

Well..another 9 lessons to go and I am sure Axel looks forward to them as much as I do. Looking back, I think this was very much the first day at school for me too!

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