Monday, February 20, 2006

Alarm Clock

At 6.00am sharp everyday, my electronic alarm clock in my room would go off. At almost the same time, there would be another alarm clock making a lot of noise in the kitchen....Axel. If I could understand doggie language, I would bet that he was screaming "Move your butt out of the bed and let me out!!!". Without fail I get this wake up call everyday. He would go on and on until he finally saw me. Then he would quiet down, go to his "down" position and looked up to me with his puppy eyes. At this point, I couldn't find any reason to beat the hell out of him. Gosh this guy is good!

Axel is about 14 weeks old now. He has grown a fair bit. He got his 3rd vaccination yesterday and in 2 weeks time, he would be "free" to meet up other dogs. The vet who gave him his vaccination actually pointed that Axel has a little tummy already... but nothing to be worried about. "As long as he doesn't get too fat, it should be okay".

According to the vet, Dr Ding, a lot of pug owners like their pugs to be chubby in order to look cute. However this may pose a lot of health problems to the dog. I doubt I would want a fat dog anyway...

After his vaccination, Axel was a bit drowsy. He was not as active as his usual self. After we got home, I sat on the floor with my back leaning against the couch, reading some notes for my tuesday's exam. Axel walked up to me but I just ignored him. He slowly climbed up my lap, laid his head on one of my arms and went to sleep. actually felt so sweet. When he woke up, he was back to his usual self.

And yes.....I got my wake up alarm again this usual.

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