Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pugless Syndrome

Gan's mom and sister missed Axel and asked me to bring him over to their place for a week or two. So last weekend I brought him there and left him with them. I will only be collecting him back at the end of this week.

My apartment seems to be so "cold" without him. Usually when I sit on my couch in front of the TV, he would be there lying at my feet. When he got bored lying there, he would go and get his favourite toy (a rubber wheel) and nudge me to play fetch. If I get up to go anywhere, he would without fail tail me around.

It's just not the same when he is away. Feels kinda this what you call as the "pugless" syndrome?


Unknown said...

I've heard of empty nest syndrome.. pugless syndrome.. now that is a new one for me :)

吳祥瑋 said...

hi there

I came across your blog and its really interesting. I have been thinking abt getting a pug too and read that you got it from a responsible home breeder. Do you happen to have her contact?

many thanks


p/s..please pat Axel on my behalf.. thanks