Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Celebrity Look-A-Like

Recently I checked out this pug blog titled "A day in the life of our Pugs" by Manda Girl. You can find the link in my Favourite Pug Blogs.

In one of her postings called "Celebrity Look-A-Like", Manda Girl found celebrity look-a-like for her pugs, Meimei and Miko. When reading this blog, I immediately knew who Axel's Celebrity Look-A-Like is. See below and let me know whether you agree.......;-)

Axel's celebrity look-a-like is Wallace Shawn! More information of Wallace Shawn -> (


Unknown said...

No insult to Wallace but my money is on Axel as the handsomer of the two :).. Hugs & Kisses Axel

Manda Girl said...

That's totally perfect!