Thursday, July 05, 2007

Sad Event

I just read a very sad news from a fellow pug blogger last night. Their pug passed away 2 days ago due to Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). Although I do not know them personally, I have followed their journey together from their blog.

It is such a sad event. As a pet lover myself, I could imagine the kind of pain they are going through. Upon reading their blog, I thought to myself on how I would be if Axel is no longer around ...and a big amount of pain just hit me like a big wave. If that happened to me by just imagining, I am sure Nicejellybean and Coolboy would be experiencing worse and my heart went out to them.

Nicejellybean and Coolboy, if you are reading this...I am very very sorry to hear about Donut. I am sure Donut is in a better place now, and hope that you guys will be able to recover soon.


Pug Diary said...

Hi Axel

Thanks for supporting us through this difficult moment..

While browsing your blogs, it's surprise your Axel looks so much like Donut (His eye, his faces), especially the pictures at

Oh my God..when Joyce and I saw the pictures first time..we thot at first why u posted Donut pictures at your blog..

While we still in grief, we may wanted to adopt a new pug sometime in the future..Could u share Axel breeder contact to us? When we ready to adopt a new pug..


Fishman said...

Hi Nicejellybean and Coolboy, do let me know your contact so that I can pass you the breeder's contact number. As the comments in my blog is moderated, I will make sure that your contact is not published.