Monday, October 30, 2006

Beauty and the Beast

During the Hari Raya holidays, I brought Axel back to my hometown. It was a 1.5 hours drive. Initially Axel was making so much noise in his carrier but after realising that it's futile, he basically shut his mouth and slept.

My niece was back as well and she was so "smittened" by Axel. The last time she saw him was in February 06 and Axel has grown so much since then. Initially she was a bit scared of the "beast" but after realising that she was under no threat at all, she became more daring..even grabbing Axel's tail. However when Axel got excited, he would chase her and she would run around screaming. So I was very much around them all the time (almost) to ensure neither the beauty nor the beast would get hurt.

The trip was really a big change to Axel. At least he got to go for walks with me holding a huge stick. Oh....the stick was not for Axel. It was for the stray dogs around my parents' house. There was one day when I brought him out for a walk and bumped into a stray dog. The stray dog was growling and tried to get close to Axel. I quickly picked Axel up and slowly moved away. After that incident, I made sure I brought along that huge stick whenever I took him out.

Anyway, Axel is now back in the safety of my apartment. In a few days time, I will have to send him to "Marie France Bodyline" again. I will be going for a long break overseas and Gan's mom is so kind to look after Axel for me. She actually misses Axel too. Although Axel is a "beast" but this "beast" certainly has a way to get to your heart. :-)


Anonymous said...

Well no doubt Axel is a very cute anf fat pug as well.He is the main attention and also attraction to my family.Everyone was terrified when seeing him.FAT and heavy as well.This pic is nice.

Kara said...

He may be a beast, but he's just about the cutest beast around!