Thursday, June 15, 2006

Moment of Truth

After attending 10 classes for the puppy obedience program, the moment of truth came on the 11th June 06. This day was the day when our puppies were "judged" on their level of obedience. Reflecting back to that day, it was more stressful to me than to Axel!

A few minutes before the examiners start calling each of us into the tennis court, they told us that we were not allowed to touch or give treats to our puppies during the exam. I felt as if my jaw fell to the ground. We have been training them with treats! I was so worried that without treats, Axel would ignore me totally!

The exam was broken into 2 sessions. First session was individual puppy evaluation. They were tested on walking with you and stopping upon command. Then there was the recall exercise as well where you get the puppy to stay at its place, then running to you upon command. The second session was conducted in a group where the puppies were evaluated on sit stay, down stay and some aspects of the canine good citizen program.

Surprisingly, Axel did well in all of them...even without treats! He scored the highest point in his class - 92 out of 100. I can't help but to be proud of him. Anyway I am looking forward to enrol him to the next level's class. I find these classes to be very beneficial for our dogs and for ourselves too!

(Axel and his classmate, Zippy)

The Recall exercise video is as below. Take note that there is a lag in the audio.


Kara said...

Wow! I am very impressed. Kritter didn't even finish puppy class. He knew the commands, but NOT without treats!

Umbrella Rec said...

Looks like Axel is more obidient than you :)